Our Brand New Logo

More exciting news from Xelaju! Coming on the heels of our brand new website, we’ve got a brand new logo. A big thanks to Britney Arkin, who volunteered her time to create not only the logo you see above, but also the “QT Xela” icon that you can see below.

Feels like everything’s starting to come together on our website…we’re just ironing out the final glitches, pages that aren’t working 100%, and improving the pictures across the entire site. With each step it becomes more and more incredible to look back at where the website was only 2 months ago. It’s as if we skipped forward a decade in internet-years! Most importantly, the website seems to be doing it’s job of helping people book treks. We’ve seen higher rates of booking across the board and gotten feedback from many trekkers already telling us that they had a positive experience with our booking process. More deposits –> more trekkers –> more money for the kids.

All thanks to the work of two volunteers (along with Britney, Paddy Monahan designed the entire new QT website), who donated their time and talent for QT and the kids. This is what makes this place so magical!

Coming soon: new QT t-shirts, stickers, and patches. We’ll have our sexiest guide model some when they come in, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out more of Britney’s work at britneydesigns.com and let us know: what do you think about the new logos?

small logo update black

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