For 26 years, Quetzaltrekkers has operated as a non-profit running fun and safe trekking experiences through the Western Highlands of Guatemala. 100% of our profits directly fund the projects of Asociación Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC): providing education, housing, and social support to the disadvantaged indigenous children in the Xela area. In pursuit of our mission, we work to spread awareness of Mayan culture and directly support the local communities through which we hike via a sustainable tourism model.

Since March 2020, all treks have been suspended due to the persisting state of the pandemic in Guatemala. Your efforts to help without hiking since then have allowed EDELAC to continue providing life-changing support to the children of Xela. We are optimistic about reopening in 2022, however, we remain dedicated to fundraising in pursuit of our mission.

To make a direct donation, please visit the school’s donation page. Every cent makes a significant difference! 

Your donations have already made a big impact! Since March 2020, you have already helped cover the costs of:

  • The 2021 and 2022 operating costs for the EDELAC primary school.
  • The 2021 and 2022 operating costs of the Hovde House (children’s safe home).
  • The installation of computer systems and provision of internet to support remote learning for EDELAC’s students.
  • Sanitization supplies, health check-ups and medications for the school’s staff and students.
  • Ensuring the impoverished children of Xela can continue their education and prepare for a better, more safe future. 

To learn more about how your donation supports the children of EDELAC, please reach out to us!