No, we do not have any extra fees, taxes or surcharges. The listed price is the price you pay. Should you choose to buy anything extra during a trek from a tienda or market, it is up to you to bring appropriate change.

A printed copy is not required.

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.


Wear whatever is comfortable. It is recommended to have a sturdy pair of broken-in trail shoes, boots, or sneakers. It is preferable to dress in layers and wear clothing that will wick away perspiration and keep you dry and comfortable.

Each trek has different gear you will need to bring, although we have anything you may be missing here for you to borrow at no extra cost. Please refer to the trek you are interested on our site in for the full list.

The cheapest place is Casa Argentina, where our office is located, nothing special but convenient for an early morning trek. They do not have any way of taking reservations, but always have room, so just show up! We also recommend the Black Cat hostel (near Parque Central) for a longer stay, which includes breakfast.


If you have to cancel for any reason, you may do so up to 36 hours before the trek (if you wish to cancel for Tuesday morning, be sure to notify us by Sunday evening) for a full refund. If you cancel less than 36 hours ahead, the deposit will not be refunded. If you do not show up, no refund will be issued.

Reservations are required for all treks. Please be advised that a deposit has to be made before 11am (either in our office for Q50 or online for $10) the day before your intended trek: if you would like to join us on Tuesday, please have the deposit made by Monday morning.


We hike in the rain, snow, wind and any other weather conditions that nature decides to throw at us. After all, we’re going on an adventure! If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed. You will be notified if there are any changes due to weather.