2 days
Max Elevation
Total Trek Distance
Avg Backpack Weight

Join us for a 2-day hike up Volcán Tajumulco, which stands at 4222m as the highest point in Central America. We start hiking at 3000m altitude in the small roadside town of Tuichan, and take about 5 hours to ascend to base camp—about 1000m ascent and 4km of walking. Don’t let that short distance fool you—with the altitude of Tajumulco and the heaviness of our packs—this hike is difficult. But you’ll be rewarded with excellent views, resilient stands of pine trees that have managed to grow at 4000m altitude, and, if the weather cooperates, a stunning sunset.

On Day 2, we’ll wake up early to watch as the sun rises above the volcanic line of Guatemala—Agua, Acatenango, Fuego, Atitlán, Santa María. With the sun above the horizon, the view enjoyed and the pictures taken, we’ll return to base camp to pack up and have breakfast before descending down the mountain and heading back to Xela. Groups usually return to Xela by 5pm.

For anyone who would still like to join us on this hike however are worried about the weight of their backpack, mules are available to rent for Q400. Please contact us for more information if desired.

Please note that all treks must be booked by 11am the day prior to the departure to avoid a 50Q late fee.

DEPARTURE & RETURN LOCATION Xela (Casa Argentina hostel)
DEPARTURE TIME 4:45am every Tuesday and Saturday
WHAT’S INCLUDED 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, transport, guides, gear

Hiking shoes, hiking clothes,  warm change of clothes, warm jacket, pants, hat, gloves, rain gear, sun screen, sleeping bag (0 deg or lower), sleeping mat, backpack (50-70L), headlamp

* If you need to borrow any of these items, we have them here for you included in the price


Day 1

  • 4:45am—meet at QT office
  • 5:15am—take a truck ride to the Minerva bus depot, board a bus to San Marcos
  • 7:30am—arrive in San Marcos, eat breakfast at a comedor
  • 8:30am—take a bus to Tuichan (where the trail head is located)
  • 10:00am—arrive at the trail head, start hiking
  • 2:30pm—arrive in “base camp”, about 200m below summit
  • 3:00pm—set up tents, eat lunch, relax
  • 6:00pm—watch sunset from Tajumulco’s second summit, Cerro Concepción
  • 6:30pm—dinner and hot drinks

Day 2

  • 4:00am—start hike to summit
  • 5:00am—arrive at summit, watch the sun rise
  • 7:00am—return to base camp, eat breakfast, pack up
  • 9:00am—hike back down the mountain
  • 12:30pm—eat lunch at Tuichan comedor
  • 1:30pm—take a bus back to Xela
  • 4:30pm—arrive in Xela, return gear, say goodbyes
Tajamuclo Gallery 1
sleeping bag tj sunrise
tajumulco sunset
Tacana from Tajumulco
Tajamuclo Gallery 3