Hogar volunteers are there to assist the Hogar staff in the care, supervision and general education of the 15 kids that live full-time in our dormitory in the centre of Quetzaltenango. These kids are often former street-kids and come from difficult family backgrounds. Hogar volunteers are given a lot of autonomy to choose what activities they do with the kids with the main emphasis being on keeping the kids active, engaged and motivated.

Importantly, Hogar volunteers also act as a liaison between the kids and the Quetzaltrekkers guides. Because they have a much closer daily involvement with the kids, Hogar volunteers keep the guides updated on Hogar activities, attend guide-meetings and are an integral part of the Quetzaltrekkers team. It is also possible to combine volunteering at the Hogar with volunteering at EDELAC. Hogar volunteers normally find their own accommodation, but for long term volunteers it is possible to live in the QT Guide House.

Working as a Hogar volunteer is a challenging but rewarding job. We ask that volunteers meet the following requirements:

A 2 month minimum time commitment;
A minimum intermediate Spanish language ability;
Availability at least 5 days per week, 5-6 hours per day;
Experience in children’s education and/or social work; and,
A strong desire to work with children and youth.

To apply, contact EDELAC directly at edelacxela@gmail.com