Rain or shine- we’re all still smiling!

After a wet couple of treks with lots of slipping and sliding, many verses of “Singing in the Rain” and “It’s Raining Men” being sung, and a road block due to local protests, we have recovered from tropical storm Colin happier and busier than ever! With a new influx of some really awesome guides, things couldn’t be better here in Xela! Our benefit party last Thursday at El Shamrock Pub was a blast – thank you everyone for coming out to play! The funds that we raise at these events send children from the Hogar Abierto to University, so thank you once again. We’ll be doing more fundraising at the Xela Pub Crawl this Thursday so please feel free to come grab your tickets here at our office (inside Casa Argentina hostel, Diagonal 12, Zone 1). Only Q20, and free shots along the way!

Don’t miss our incredible Full Moon Santa María hike, an unforgettable experience under the moon and stars – Monday, June 20th at 9pm!


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