Many of you may have heard about our unfortunate robbery last week. It was really sad and a big blow for Quetzaltrekkers BUT not to worry, having rallied the troops we are steaming on forward! Thank you for everyone’s support!

Sunrise from Santa Maria

Our treks have been AMAZING this past week! The Santa Maria Full Moon trek was spectacular, the sunrise was described as “the most incredible thing I have seen so far in Guatemala!” (Courtney Unruh, Guide.) Tajumulco and Lago Atitlan treks have been really lucky with the weather, also witnessing the most breathtaking views! Check out our Facebook for anawesome video from the top of Tajumulco!

Dinner with the kids!

Playing football with the kids this week was, as always, an embarrassment for the gringos, who unfortunately suck compared to these pro’s! However, it is always lovely to let off some steam and enjoy a break with the kids! We were also happy to host a fantastic meal here at the office, followed by plenty of dancing and music! For the guides, seeing the kids is always an incredible experience as we get to see first hand the difference our treks make. So thank you guys for choosing to trek with us!

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