Office Volunteers Wanted!


Quite a bit of change has occurred over the past five months here at QuetzalTrekkers, and this is a call to all of you whom are missing QT, but want to be involved in a different way. Quetzaltrekkers is in search of office volunteers, 6-month minimum commitment, preferably to start training early – mid March to replace those of us that are leaving in early April.

**Please note that ex-guides will get priority:

Finance Manager:

  • In charge of all finances: all pre & post-trek finances for guides, weekly reports, deposits, balances, etc.
  • Detailed monthly reports: compiling all of that month’s finances into a detailed spread that includes notes of expenses, trip details, etc.
  • In close contact with EDELAC’s accountants and Guadalupe.
  • Making and communicating financial decisions to the group and accountants.
  • Back up-guide when needed on treks (knowledge or will to learn how to lead all one-day hikes strongly encouraged).
  • Emails

Proficient Spanish required (you must be able to communicate and have meetings with EDELAC about financial decisions, etc.), knowledge of Excel, good with maths, and a love for hiking, the outdoors, and helping the niños.

Communications Manager:

  • Contact person for all partners in Guatemala: this means building relationships with our partner Spanish schools, hostels, shuttle agency, ect.
  • Event organizing, such as planning our benefit parties, etc.
  • Volunteer coordinator: you’re the main point-of-contact for all new and/or potential guides before making their big decision to come to Guatemala and during their trial week for all questions they may have before joining this crazy bunch of hikers.
  • Social Media: keep all forms of QT social media updated with fun photos, news, and campaigns.
  • Marketing: spread the word of QT around Guatemala both via web and going to places to build relationships with potential new partners, creating flyers & marketing materials to leave around, etc. 
  • Back up-guide when needed on treks (knowledge or will to learn how to lead all one-day hikes strongly encouraged).
  • Emails

Proficient Spanish required (you need to be able to communicate with local businesses, etc. whom may only speak Spanish to build relationships, etc.); basic graphic design skills (photoshop, wordpress, etc.); enjoying being on the road for marketing purposes; and a love for hiking, the outdoors, and helping the niños.

Believe us when we say this is a lot more work than it seems: you may be in the office some evenings past midnight doing pre-trip finances for all hikes leaving that morning, having to attend 457 meetings to get simple things like T-shirts ordered, spend hours in meetings with accountants, and even have to take embarrassing photos of yourself to get people to donate money for new gear. At the end of the day, these new roles have proved to make the lives of our hiking guides a lot easier, has built a closer communication with EDELAC, and most importantly- allows us to find, create, and earn more money for those that need it most: our kids.

This is still all volunteer work, and although we don’t offer much, we think what we can give in addition to the satisfaction of helping over 150 local children get a deserved education is plenty. We’re able to offer the same thing we offer to all our guides:

– Stay in the Guidehouse for 200Q/month rent
– Breakfast and dinner in the office

If you want to apply or want more information:

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