Food support for 19 EDELAC families

Pictured here are children and families of EDELAC beneficiaries receiving more food and other provisions both in front of Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC), which is currently closed due to covid-19, and in the small town of Nuevo Xetinamit. Nuevo Xetinamit is one of the small towns we pass through on our treks – in the region known as “Alaska”, for those of you who have done our 3-day trek to Lago Atitlan.

Despite huge logistical difficulties caused by the current curfew and travel restrictions in Guatemala, EDELAC is doing everything they can to support their beneficiaries during this time of need. ⠀

Each of these bags contain 8 pounds of rice, 4 bags of high-nutrient “Incaparina”, 12 pounds of pasta, 8 pounds of oats,  2 liters of oil, sugar, milk, and soap for both personal care and dish washing.⠀

Thanks again to everyone who donated to our fundraiser, helping ensure financial longevity for aid like this. ⠀

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