EDELAC Update for May 2020

A Las Rosas family receiving their care package

We hope you all are staying healthy! Here’s an extended update about how EDELAC/QT are supporting the residents of Hogar Abierto and la Escuela de la Calle students as the quarantine continues into May for Guatemala:

Firstly, we are relieved to state that none of our students nor their families are showing symptoms of Covid-19. We hope this remains the case for the future. The reopening date for both the Hogar and EDELAC remains unclear, however our teachers and social workers have been working hard despite challenges to support our beneficiaries. 

Hogar staff are in contact with children and families multiple times a week: helping with homework; providing support for various needs; and generally maintain the well-being and safety of our niños. In addition, we are providing care packages where possible to assist food insecurities families may face and are preparing to purchase various medical supplies, clothes, and other needed materials. Travel is still heavily restricted in Guatemala, however we are trying to support our 23 Hogar residents as much as possible.

For the 175 students attending Escuela de la Calle, our teachers are providing homework, books, additional educative materials, and school supplies to parents twice a week to continue at-home learning. To facilitate, teachers have created group messages and frequently call parents and students. In the cases where families are without telephone access, teachers are arranging home visits (following careful social distancing protocols) to ensure students are able to complete their educations. Unfortunately, many families lack access to internet, computers, and/or phone; we are trying our best to provide an education to our underserved Las Rosas community. This week, we were happily able to provide another round of care packages to our Las Rosas families. These included rice, oatmeal, pasta, lentils, milk, sugar, oil, and soap to provide some basic relief in these trying times. 

Again, we want to thank you all for your support! Despite the challenges, being able to pay teachers and staff so they can continue supporting their students, buy vital provisions, plan for the coming months, and provide continued aid to our indigenous communities has all been the result of your generous donations. 

As always, stay safe and healthy. We will continue to provide you all with regular updates. 

The Quetzaltrekkers Family

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