Care Package Delivery by Horse

Cumbre de Alaska, Sta. Catarina Ixtahuacan

Have you joined us on our trek from Xela – Lake Atitlan? If you have, you may recall that we start our hike in the village of Xecam where, after a long uphill hike, we arrive in the area known locally as Alaska. It is here where the village of Xetinamit is located, which is home to quite a few of our Hogar residents and EDELAC staff.

Strict travel restrictions for all of Guatemala and additional rules enacted by local indigenous communities to stop the spread of Covid-19 is making access to some areas very difficult. As result, our most recent round of care packages to Xetinamit had to be delivered via horse!

Pictured are a few Hogar family members assisting in bringing the supplies up to their village from Xecam as well as Marcos and Isabel (two current residents) at their home with the recently delivered items.

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