Quetzaltrekkers has been growing year after year and we’re now supporting more kids than ever before, but if we are to continue providing the kids of EDELAC and the Hogar with both education and a stable upbringing, we need to make some changes. The most pressing of these is moving to a real office – our current location in the back of a hostel just isn’t fit for this purpose anymore.

Firstly, security is an issue as it is out of our hands who comes and goes within the hostel. A recent robbery in our office has made it even more clear that we need to move to a safer, more secure location. Secondly, we no longer have enough space to prepare for treks, store equipment, nor house our volunteers. To top it off, the roof leaks and frankly, after 21 years things are falling apart. 

So what is it that we want? We want to run more hikes. We want to keep attracting volunteers with an environment that will encourage them to stay longer than the 3 month minimum. We want to look like the professional, quality tour operator that we are. All of this would directly result in more money for EDELAC & Hogar Abierto – and more help to Xela’s children in need. As for that, we need to buy a new property.

This is more than just buying a fresh office front; a new property would attract more potential trekkers, simplify the process of preparing food for treks, and provide sufficient space to store our gear. It would give the children of the Hogar a more welcoming and encouraging place to visit when they come for the weekly dinner we prepare from tip money. All in all, the working and living conditions for us at Quetzaltrekkers would improve drastically, therefore enabling us to work more efficiently and raise even more money for our cause.

Any donation you give will go a long way to helping us support the children of Guatemala for another 20 years.