Xela - Lago Atitlan

A one-of-a-kind trek through the heart of the Guatemalan Highlands

Santiaguito Mirador

Duration: ½ a day

250Q per person

Zunil - Fuentes

Duration: 2 days

700Q per person

Nebaj - Todos Santos

Duration: 5 days

2,000Q per person

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The organization

100% of our profits operate a school and safe home in Xela

The treks

Unique and informative experiences in the
Guatemalan highlands

The guides

A trailblazing non-profit hiking collective

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No one does tours through the Guatemalan highlands like us.

Help Without Hiking

Your support is providing housing, care, and education for the children of EDELAC in Xela, Guatemala

100% of your monthly gift goes directly to providing opportunities for children living in poverty