Our Mission

Hike Volcanoes, Help Kids: Social Change One Step at a Time

Quetzaltrekkers Xela

Hike Volcanoes, Help Kids.

Since 1995, Quetzaltrekkers has been the primary fundraiser for the social projects of Asociación Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC), which provides education, housing, and social support to disadvantaged children in Xela. We achieve this by running safe, fun, and educational trekking experiences around the Western Highlands of Guatemala, led by volunteer guides from around the world. Through our treks, Quetzaltrekkers aims to sustainably support the social projects of EDELAC, as well as the local communities that we hike through

It’s not just our fundraising prowess that makes us stand out: our organization has operated for over two decades as a volunteer-led collective.

Our secret? Tight-knit teams of dedicated volunteers who are committed to our mission of providing safe and fun hiking experiences while sustainably supporting EDELAC and local communities.

At Quetzaltrekkers, volunteers donate their time (and blisters!) to guide unique treks through the Western Highlands of Guatemala. All profits directly support EDELAC’s social projects.

Asociación Escuela de la Calle

Quetzaltrekkers is part of a nonprofit social project here in Xela, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Asociación Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC) operates a primary school for over 150 children and a safe home for over 20 children, primarily funded through our treks.

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Reforestation Project 2024

Come join the PASITO reforestation project by volunteering for any of these free activities! See the calendar of what we’re doing this month below.

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