"Hike Volcanoes, Help Kids"

The Quetzaltrekkers' mission is to provide a quality education to children living in homeless or low-income situations, by offering treks and tourism experiences in the Western highlands of Guatemala. All the profit from those trips go to Escuela de la Calle (“School of the Street”), an organization that provides education, housing, and social support to disadvantaged children in the city of Xela. In pursuit of this mission, we seek to create the best trekking experience in Guatemala with fun and safe trips that spread awareness of Guatemalan culture and support local communities. Learn more about our mission.

Our Story

At the end of the Guatemalan Civil War, thousands of children were living on the streets of Xela, homeless and without access to basic education. So in 1995, Guadalupe, Miguel, and Gavin (two Guatemalans and an Englishman) founded Escuela de la Calle, in order to provide those children with an education and a path out of the streets. But he needed to find a way to fund the school. After unsuccessfully trying to raise money by selling cakes around town and opening a restaurant, they stumbled upon a successful strategy: offering hikes to tourists. Thus the Quetzaltrekkers were born as the fundraising arm of EDELAC. Meet the Quetzaltrekkers guides.

What We've Accomplished

What began as a small operation with a few guides has blossomed into one of the largest trekking outfit in Guatemala. Through our unique structure--a completely volunteer-run non-profit--we have raised almost 10 million Guatemalan Quetzales (nearly $1.5 million USD) for EDELAC. This money has covered most of EDELAC’s operating costs, including teacher salaries, building costs, and administrative expenses, and supported the education of hundreds of children in Xela. Learn more about EDELAC. 

How to get involved: