Help without hiking.

With a donation you can empower indigenous children to attend school, build a future and aid in breaking the cycle of poverty. 

While hiking with Quetzaltrekkers is an exceptional way to experience Guatemala and support EDELAC, you don’t need to lace up your boots to make a difference. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or simply someone who believes in the power of education, anyone can become a donor and make a tangible change. Every single donation to us, big or small, has a profound impact: empowering local youth with access to quality education, healthcare and social support.

But the impact doesn’t stop there. By choosing a monthly donation, you become more than a supporter; you become a crucial part of our structural funding. Your consistent contribution allows us to plan long-term, invest in essential infrastructure, and offer consistent care and education for the children. It’s the gift of continuity – the assurance that their needs will be met, not just today, but everyday.

Whether you choose to donate once or become a monthly supporter, you become part of a passionate community dedicated to fostering generations of educated individuals who contribute to their communities’ well-being.

Every step, every contribution, matters.

The impact of your donation:


Provide school supplies and books for one child at the school for a year 


Cover the monthly cost of nutritious food for one child 


Provide healthcare for one child for half a year 


Cover the clothing and shoewear of two kids at the hogar for a year


Special Event!
Reforestation Project 2024

Come join the PASITO reforestation project by volunteering for any of these free activities! See the calendar of what we’re doing this month below.

Get more details and join the project here!