Volunteer as a guide

Hike Volcanoes, Help Kids: become a Quetzaltrekkers Guide to make an impact while trekking the Western Highlands of Guatemala!

Hike Volcanoes and Help Kids! Live and work as a trekking guide at Quetzaltrekkers Xela, leading hikes in the volcanic highlands of Guatemala to help raise sustainable funding for the local education projects of our nonprofit, Escuela de la Calle. This is a full-time volunteer position, with a 3 month minimum time commitment

Job overview

What does it mean to be a QT guide?

  • Lead fun, safe, and educational treks for groups of clients
  • Participate in preparation of gear, food, and logistics for treks
  • Run informational pre-trek meetings for clients
  • Understand and manage basic finances
  • Preform other responsibilities around the office
  • Participate in organizational improvement

What are the requirements for becoming a QT guide?

  • 3 month minimum time commitment
  • Availability for 3(+) days of hiking each week
  • Availability for 2 days of prep each week
  • English language – conversational
  • Spanish language – basic with a growth mindset or higher
  • Ability to hike 20km and carry 20kg
What does a QT guide do when not hiking?

QT Guides also have many opportunities to spend time with the children of EDELAC.

Every Wednesday night, we play futbal with the Hogar residents; Thursdays are reserved for dinner with them, too.

Volunteers are also welcome and encouraged to visit the school and safe home if they find time during the week.

Benefits of being a QT guide

One of the most beautiful aspects of Quetzaltrekkers is that anyone can leave their mark after 10+ weeks of volunteer work. Our office is full of motivated individuals from a broad range of backgrounds that share an eagerness to learn, take initiative, and work hard. We like to think it’s a pretty fun place to work!

Quetzaltrekkers strives to be as inclusive as possible and welcomes anybody who meets the required qualifications to apply. An attitude that serves guides here is eagerness to participate, learn, and grow. Our team includes individuals who can get excited about hiking, education, volcanoes, guacamole, and even washing the dishes. People skills such as relationship building and public speaking are very helpful as is an interest in group living. As a guide, flexibility, teamwork, attention to detail, and remembering that all jobs are valuable (even those dishes) can help a lot in our work. QT loves and is loved by people who care about the work that we do, why we do it, and the chance to jump in and take part.

Orientation period

Before you become an official guide, you will need to successfully complete a two-week orientation period to ensure this is the right fit for both parties. This begins after you complete a multi-day trek as a paying client. This “client hike” will be your introduction to the job, our hikes’ difficulties, and our organization to help you determine if this is something you want to pursue.
Following this, you will return to the office for your training period where you will begin learning all aspects of the organization. You will see how the office runs; participate in preparing treks while learning about our hikes; wash dishes; spend time with both your new guide family and the children; and successfully complete at least one hike as a supporting guide
At the conclusion of your orientation period, there will be a review to determine if this is the right fit for all involved — and more importantly: if this is something to which you feel ready to commit. If all is deemed good for all involved, you will officially become a Quetzaltrekkers Guide!

How to apply

If any of this sounds good to you, we invite you to apply today! Please fill out the application form here.

Our coordinator will get back to you ASAP to continue the application process.

If you have any questions at all, please send us an email at quetzaltrekkers.volunteer@gmail.com

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