If you’ve made it to this page, that means you are for one reason or another interested in seeing the faces behind Quetzaltrekkers (and I can’t blame you). All current, past, and future guides volunteer for a minimum of three months- and no one is paid a centavo! We’ve been functioning this way for over twenty years now, and we think most would agree that this is pretty incredible. Read on to get to know all our super sexy guides!

Paul (December 2015)

This mustachioed quasi-Irishman can be found either in our office sipping coffee (with milk) or on his motorbike zipping through the streets of Xela. He’s a thinker and a doer- unless he hasn’t ate, in which case he can’t think nor do much of anything… A professional guide in Ireland, he’s managed to lead himself back to Quetzaltrekkers for a THIRD time to make curry for the niños and break hearts. The antithesis of a morning person, Paul is still willing to wake up early to guarantee the hikes are ready and guides healthy enough to leave that morning- it may just take 7 alarms to do so. Our very own Scrappy-Doo!

Kendall (September 2016)

 If you’ve ever heard of Akron, you know it’s been called “The Quetzaltenango of Northeast Ohio.” So it’s no surprise that Kendall is back at QT for her SECOND time. While a back injury currently prevents Kendall from hiking up Guatemala’s volcanoes, she is the true spine of QT’s administrative arm. Kendall keeps our finances (and our guides) in order, and it’s been said that she has never let even a single quetzal slip out of sight. So don’t try skimping us, or Kendall will have her way with you. Akron’s loss is Xela’s gain. Our very own Scrappy-Doo!

Paulus (February 2017)

Wie graag een blauwe prinsessenjurk draagt voor speciale gelegenheden! Paulus! Als echte ontdekkingsreiziger waagde Paulus zich dapper tot de diepten van Antigua en wie weet of hij ooit nog zal worden gezien. Paulus is uniek toegewijd aan onze missie om EDELAC te ondersteunen, in die mate dat hij zijn rechter voet heeft opgeofferd in een potje voetbal tegen de kinderen die we ondersteunen. Wij houden van Paulus!

Emmanuelle (September 2016)


There she goes; Manu speeding by. Don’t blink, or you might miss your chance to catch a glimpse of QT’s fastest hiker. You ought to be in shape if you sign up for one of Manu’s treks, because she can seamlessly float up Santa Maria before you can say “San Pedro Sacatepéquez.” But it’s not Manu’s speed that surprises us—it’s the fuel that she runs on. A born-again vegan, Manu has flipped the food pyramid on its head in avant-garde fashion. So take note, you whey-guzzling gym rats: the only supplement Manu uses is her native Canadian maple syrup.

Dahlia (September 2017)

If you thought mezcal was the best thing to come from the Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca, think again amigo. It’s been nearly dos moñths since this guapa chica floated down from the Mexican border, and our office hasn’t been the same since. You may already know Dahlia as the author of the popular “Biosynthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Eichhornia Crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Biomass As Reductant Agent.” While Dahlia is no longer a practicing nanoperson, she hasn’t become any less literary: currently, she is reading “Amor y Erotismo.” If you’d like to catch a glimpse of Dahlia in the flesh, try hitting El Shamrock on Thursday nights. She’s been known to dominate the dance floor.

Steph (September 2017)

Good morning, class; please lend an ear

For the story of a guide whom we highly revere.

She came down from Montreal, poutine in hand,

not yet too familiar with Guate’s northern high land.

A teacher at home, Steph was eager to learn

the way to Todos Santos, every last turn!

The legacy of the Civil War is what Steph must uphold,

so stories heard became stories told.

But not only did Steph become our lead Nebaj guide,

she became a friend to all, her heart open wide.

Our office brightened with her smile and her laugh,

we thank our lucky stars that Steph is on staff.

So once a fortnight, when she must leave for six days,

we find ourselves in a tricky malaise.

We want Steph here, selfish it may be,

to keep us company, to fill us with glee!

But we know when she leaves, it is for good reason;

After all, it’s the tourist peak season.

So it’s with both heartache and pride that we say “au revoir,”

to our blonde-haired, trilingual Québécois.

Sid (September 2017)

Oh, Sid, our little shitting machine. Oh how thou doth grindeth our gears, thy stench cometh strong, yet so cute your faceth. A potato nearly rotten once were thee, found by thy grace of San Andreas in the fertile soils of Xecameth. Your teeth like rusty razors oh, don’t we love you so.

Logan (October 2017)

Hey you. Yeah, you. Stop. Relax. Breathe. Direct your mind inwards. Take a moment to reflect, to peer into the deepest caverns of your soul. Take a good, hard look at yourself. Really look. Breathe again. As you exhale, expel your preconceived notions of what it means to live. Consider a life re-imagined. Consider a life between two buns. Stop. Breathe. Feel the heat of your heart’s beat. Feel the heat of a long cylindrical tube of processed meat. The meat is warm—no, not warm, but hot! Imagine that the meat grows legs, a head, a tail. The tail wags. It’s a dog! Now quick–before it escapes! Stick it between two buns! A hot dog in a bun? But what is this creation? Certainly more than a mere concession. A meal? Hardly. A snack? It’s more than that! A sandwich? Oh shit. Could it be? Could it really be? Could a hot dog be a sandwich? Is this real life? A sandwich….what really does this mean? Stop. Breathe. Peer inwards. Repeat.

Keelan (October 2017)

Known around Xela as “The Goon”, Keelan is somewhat of an Irish Renaissance Man—a red-bearded jack-of-all-trades, a Leprechaun Da Vinci. He can tend bar like there’s no tomorrow, and his guacamole has permanently shifted Quetzaltenango’s gastronomical landscape. The talents don’t stop there: as an amateur chicken bus mechanic, Keelan shatters the stereotype that Gringos possess no useful skill.  Keelan is surely the metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the QT rainbow. We are happy to share him with you.

Adam (October 2017)

His surname may mean ‘Falcon’ in seven different Eastern European languages (cawwwwww), but where this guy really soars is above the western highlands of Guatemala. Our Tajumulco specialist can take you “to the clouds,” and then tell you all about those visible masses of particles of condensed vapor suspended in the atmosphere below. A strong proponent of Thanksgiving, this Yale grad will journey to the end of the Altiplano to uncover the finest potatoes for his allegedly spiritual mashed potatoes. Before he runs off to go monitor the clouds in Oslo, we’re glad to have this recreational painter here- regardless of the fact he was an Alpha Epsilon Pi fratboy.

Aaron (October 2017)

Aaron is from Belgium. Not just Belgium, Flemish Belgium. Not the French Belgium. Very different. Flemish Belgium is the part to the north. That’s the part of Belgium we’re talking about here. This keen outdoorsman can tell you all about the latest gear. Aaron’s interest in outdoor accessorizing extends beyond a hobby and could arguably be considered a fetish. If you’re looking to make your way to Aaron’s heart, you’d better come prepared with a 800-fill, ultralight, DriDown™ sleeping bag. While gear may be Aaron’s forte, our Belgian Waffle is not without weakness. Don’t ask him to make you instant noodles, or you may find yourself wrapped in a cocoon of Tegaderm. You have been warned…