If you’ve made it to this page, that means you are for one reason or another interested in seeing the faces behind Quetzaltrekkers (and I can’t blame you). All current, past, and future guides volunteer for a minimum of three months- and no one is paid a centavo! We’ve been functioning this way for over twenty years now, and we think most would agree that this is pretty incredible. Read on to get to know all our super sexy guides!



(June 2017)

Allison picked our most challenging hike for her first trip with us. It was clear from the start that she is not one to mess with so be careful not to cross this no-nonsense girl if you don´t fancy a serious talking to! But underneath her tough exterior she´s a super cool guide and you´ll love hiking with her. A ballet dancer at heart, her quads power her through the walks.  Allison is a our marketing-savvy guide who swapped her corporate stilettos for hiking boots, but if you´re lucky you might see her out on the town in Xela in her princess dress. One mystery remains about Allison: we are still yet to figure out where she comes from. She calls herself an Australian but has no trace of an accent; instead she sounds like a Canadian…confusing right?! Needless to say investigations as to her true heritage are under way by the rest of the QT guides and we will keep you updated with the latest information as it is uncovered.




(June 2017)

Graciela is our badass curly-haired guide hailing all the way from New Zealand.  She likes cheesy rom-coms and Disney, but she´s tough as nails.  We think we know her pretty well, but one can never be sure what she´s saying in that Kiwi accent… We´re pretty sure that she was a lawyer but decided to chuck it all in to see the world.  We think she really enjoys banana bread, and not banana brid. We think there are six clients on tomorrow´s hike, and not…

If you have the good fortune of having her as your guide, you may be lucky enough to see her perform the famous Haka and if you´re super lucky you may even score a kiss…




(July 2017)

Our resident surfer-dude, Pearce is a crazy Canadian chiller who traded in his surf board for some hiking boots and a backpack. He might not have any of his own gear, but he’s a badass and a true professional.  Pearce is often found with a slingshot or firecrackers in his pocket, strolling the streets of Xela with a yoga mat, or practicing his juggling. If you’re lucky enough to get Pearce as your guide keep an eye out for his crazy socks.



(August 2017)

Spencer is our hiking connoisseur from Portland, Oregon with a heart of gold and an endless supply of buffs. He’s a true nomad who has already lived in a few other Spanish speaking countries! Spencer is our resident expert on Spanish, and now Guatemalan history, and you can be sure to learn a whole lot if you’re lucky enough to have him as your guide. When he’s not being an encyclopedia, he’s busy practicing his javelin or baseball skills using our limited supply of hiking poles. We’ve never seen Spencer without a big friendly grin on his face, (except when he’s concentrating super hard on restoring our one precious cast iron pan…)  Other QT guides speculate that Spencer may be an undercover spy who is set on world peace. Investigations continue.



(August 2017)

Adrian is sure to entertain you, whether it is with his outstanding Australian-accented rendition of Despacito, his cheeky sense of humour or his superhuman calisthenics moves.  Adrian traded in his corporate life in Melbourne, Australia to join the Quetzaltrekker family.  His Quetzaltrekker wardrobe features nothing but the finest outdoor gear; Mountain Designs, Solomon, Kathmandu and of course, Ray Bans.  Now, after having to say goodbye to his motorbike in Melbourne, his new favourite material possession is a traditional Guatemalan slingshot which he carries around with pride. He’s a true professional, even when he’s busy flirting…

If you get to hike with Adrian, be sure to ask him to show off his stellar guitar skills and singing voice.