If you’ve made it to this page, that means you are for one reason or another interested in seeing the faces behind Quetzaltrekkers (and I can’t blame you). All current, past, and future guides volunteer for a minimum of three months- and no one is paid a centavo! We’ve been functioning this way for over twenty years now, and we think most would agree that this is pretty incredible. Read on to get to know all our super sexy guides!

Kendall Ahern (September 2016)

 If you’ve ever heard of Akron, you know it’s been called “The Quetzaltenango of Northeast Ohio.” So it’s no surprise that Kendall is back at QT for her SECOND time. While a back injury currently prevents Kendall from hiking up Guatemala’s volcanoes, she is the true spine of QT’s administrative arm as our Office Coordinator. Kendall keeps our finances (and our guides) in order, and it’s been said that she has never let even a single quetzal slip out of sight. So don’t try skimping us, or Kendall will have her way with you.  Akron’s loss is Xela’s gain.

Matt Carl (Right Now)

Guess who’s back, back again

Matt’s back, tell a friend.

Aricel DesChamp (March 2018)

Our designated surfer chick, Aricel left Canada to join Queztaltrekkers to learn about her native roots and in the process become a stellar guide. With a love of music and good vibes, you can easily find Aricel on her time-off dancing with headphones on and speaking words of positivism to all in earshot. She may be wearing hiking boots and backpack now, but her past as a rafting guide has more than prepared her for guiding trekkers through the rural Guatemalan Highlands! If you have her as your guide, don’t underestimate this chicas size- with her supreme might she’ll power up “Race Hill” whilst her lively spirit powers you through 4 consecutive days of hiking from Nebaj – Todos Santos. She’s filled our hearts with her smile and we’re stoked to have her here, even if for only 3 months.

Colin Pope (April 2018)

“Come do Tajumulco if you want to see the best sunrise of your life!”

This 27-year-old Vermonter brings some extensive trekking experience- from treks around his cabin to hiking the John Muir Trail in an impressive nine days- all preparing him for his role here at Quetzaltrekkers. His love of hiking is contagious and you can not help but be motivated whilst on a mountain with him! He makes sure to always go above and beyond with his responsibilities, making him about as “solid” as they come, regardless that he’s sometimes a pain in our assonance. His love of trekking began at a young age where he realized the emotional and mental benefits it has on his overall spirit and equanimity. For Colin, his favorite thing about Guatemala has been his fellow guides, feeling like he’s right at home in our rowdy presence. He’s a man of his word with a heart bigger then Volcan Tajumulco herself and we love his enthusiasm and inspiring approach to life. You can catch him looking through the lens of his beloved camera, doing chin ups in our office, or running up a mountain with a giant grin on his face! If you’re lucky enough to have him guide you to the highest point in Central America- keep an eye on him- and make sure he doesn’t bring any stray dogs back on the bus.

Cody Mitchell (April 2018)

Our Canadian Alberta Boy, eh!  After spending time in the mountains of Revelstoke enjoying time skiing, back-country touring and winter camping, we’re happy to have had him head south to Guatemala at the age of 21 to join our team! First discovering the thrills of hiking in Banff, he’s only come to fall more in love with the outdoors ever since, eventually becoming a Raft Guide in Alberta spending his summers taking people on adventure tours.  Cody is always up for an adventure in the forest, stoked on meeting new people and seeing all the world has to offer. For him, Guatemala is a place of tranquility, hiking through the countryside as a place, “where it’s quiet and you see the locals peacefully working hard.”  When back home in Canada Eh, he likes to spends his time white water kayaking, guiding people down the rivers or sitting with a beer in hand by the bonfire having a laugh.  Cody is one special guy, eh! Swing by the office to play him in a game of Chess or to listen some rocking tunes with!

Barbara Bareiss (April 2018)

With a laugh that will get everyone smiling, Barbara is a women of dedication and pride! When you hear her talk about how much she loves reaching places on foot, you’d be surprised she didn’t hike to Guatemala from her native Bavaria. Her background in art therapy and general peaceful demeanor will ensure a positive atmosphere on trek, making sure you, “have a great experience with us while supporting children of Guatemala, helping to break the cycle of poverty while making great memories with new friends from all over the world!” Our #1 Guacamole maker, enjoy the spread at lunch whilst Barbara tells you about the history of Guatemala and all about the environment around you. We’re grateful for her spontaneous drawing sessions at the office and the niños love her art classes too (even if more paint ends up on people than the paper).

Job Rosmalen (April 2018)

With a smile you can see from across the Sierra Madres mountain range, you will instantly feel comfortable and happy to have this fella as your guide! And if he looks familiar, you may have even seen him as an extra in that one Bollywood movie. Coming with full resume of trekking to Everest basecamp, Machu Picchu, and Salcantay- the highest peak in the Vilcabamba mountain range in the Peruvian Andes- you could say he loves trekking almost as much as he loves food. Don’t be mistaken, this guy can eat up all your leftover trek foods and then some! Always eager to help others, a background in medicine, and super reliable he’s just the man for the “job” for your next trek through the Guatemalan Highlands.  We’re happy to have this very determined, driven, and Dutch guy as a member of the QT family!

Franklin Solares (April 2018)

As the designated jokester around here, you can always find him making someone laugh or cooking up a kick ass meal in the staff kitchen. As a native Guatemalan, Frank can tell you everything there is to know about the Land of Trees on your way to Todos Santos! With a wide knowledge ranging from facts about the Guatemalan Civil War to the best traditional meals and of course which beer is the best, he’s got all your answers and more. Frank got into trekking at a young age, hiking with his father in the 80’s as a Boy Scout, which is remarks as “the beginning of my tree hugging days!” Since then, he’s crossed off his to-do list by summiting Mount Elbrus in Russia and conquering Orizaba in Mexico. He really does love everything about Guatemala and is enjoying every moment of being back home after 24 years of living in the States, and we sure are glad he’s here!