If you’ve made it to this page, that means you are for one reason or another interested in seeing the faces behind Quetzaltrekkers (and I can’t blame you). All current, past, and future guides volunteer for a minimum of three months- and no one is paid a centavo! We’ve been functioning this way for over twenty years now, and we think most would agree that this is pretty incredible. Read on to get to know all our super sexy guides!

Paul (December 2015)

This mustachioed quasi-Irishman can be found either in our office sipping coffee (with milk) or on his motorbike zipping through the streets of Xela. He’s a thinker and a doer- unless he hasn’t ate, in which case he can’t think nor do much of anything… A professional guide in Ireland, he’s managed to lead himself back to Quetzaltrekkers for a THIRD time to make curry for the niños and break hearts. The antithesis of a morning person, Paul is still willing to wake up early to guarantee the hikes are ready and guides healthy enough to leave that morning- it may just take 7 alarms to do so.

Kendall (September 2016)

 If you’ve ever heard of Akron, you know it’s been called “The Quetzaltenango of Northeast Ohio.” So it’s no surprise that Kendall is back at QT for her SECOND time. While a back injury currently prevents Kendall from hiking up Guatemala’s volcanoes, she is the true spine of QT’s administrative arm. Kendall keeps our finances (and our guides) in order, and it’s been said that she has never let even a single quetzal slip out of sight. So don’t try skimping us, or Kendall will have her way with you. Akron’s loss is Xela’s gain.

Paulus (February 2017)

Wie graag een blauwe prinsessenjurk draagt voor speciale gelegenheden! Paulus! Als echte ontdekkingsreiziger waagde Paulus zich dapper tot de diepten van Antigua en wie weet of hij ooit nog zal worden gezien. Paulus is uniek toegewijd aan onze missie om EDELAC te ondersteunen, in die mate dat hij zijn rechter voet heeft opgeofferd in een potje voetbal tegen de kinderen die we ondersteunen. Wij houden van Paulus!

Ryan (November 2017)

Our resident ski-dude, Ryan is a crazy Australian chiller who traded in his skies for some hiking boots and a backpack. He might not have any of his own gear, but nevertheless he’s a badass and a true profess. Ryan is often found with ramen noodles and a can of coke in his hand, roaming the streets of Xela with his new favourite book, “the field manual of wilderness first aid.” After years of country-hopping, this nomad has many a story to keep you entertained on your trek. A volunteer favourite for his prep day veg chopping skills gained from years in the catering industry and his momentary bouts of incomprehensible Aussie slang.

Kelsey (December 2017)

Kelsey is the poster girl of QT, literally. With her winning smile and endless enthusiasm, it’s impossible not to be in high spirits in her company. Unless you’re not a morning person—then you may want to keep your distance. Back for her second stint of volunteering here, it is only her love for the kids that trumps her love for hiking and knowledge about Guatemalan history and culture. This Jersey Girl just recently finished her degree and travelled through the Rockies in her ‘converted’ Honda Fit in preparation for the frugal lifestyle of a QT guide.

Emily (December 2017)

This good little English girl survives the harsh living conditions in the QT office with her personal stash of Twinings tea and Cadbury’s chocolate, hand-delivered directly from the British Isles by her very own Mum. Emily graduated from Oxford Brookes University, the less-successful little cousin of the real Oxford University. Her outdoor expertise comes from her training with the Royal British Army Reserves, subsidized by Her Royal Highness The Great Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II. At QT, making mistakes in Spanish is encouraged as we all work towards fluency, but make a mistake in English and you will be swiftly rebuked by Her Majesty Emily.

Quena (January 2018)

Quena, our resident gringa, likes to think she’s from Guatemala. She claims her dad has a language school in Xela and that her grandmother lives an hour away by bus. True or not, this new Chapina is our newest guia, taking you from Nebaj to Todos Santos every second Tuesday (quetzal tattoo and all). Fueled by Sarita ice-cream and ‘her granny’s Pepian’, you’ll find her either in the office or busting some moves in the local Irish bar. If you’re travelling through Central and South America she’s the perfect person to pick her brains, as she has done it all from teaching English in Ecuador to working in hostels in Peru. But fear not, she’s now returned to her native Xela…

Christina (January 2018)

Hailing from Minnesota, we are just so gosh darn excited to have Christina with us here at Quetzaltrekkers! It might be -5 degrees Celsius out on Tajumulco, but that’s swimsuit weather for her; she has more trouble layering down for hot Xela afternoons. She’ll take great care for your well-being on our treks, and if you’re lucky she’ll play some duck-duck-grey duck with you. But don’t go pushing your hot dish on this lady here—she don’t eat no cheese or no glutens, don’tcha know. The past couple o’ years she’s been workin’ out in Oregon as a wilderness therapist, so this kind soul is very unlikely to go woodchippin’ anybody. But holy buckets, she’ll probably chew me out for the accent in this here bio.

Adam aka Don Bigote (January 2018)

Think of Antonio Banderas in Desperado, except with a bad ass ‘tache, and a uke instead of a guitar. That’s our Santa Cruzian nomadic Don Bigote. He can serenade you in multiple languages, or more impressively in multiple accents. He can fool you into thinking he’s Irish for the longest time and he loves the craic too, hi! He’s the bringer of good vibes, the reader of interesting books, the singer of funny songs and I just don’t know why he won’t be mine! He oozes sex appeal with his one size too small tees and his socks up to his knees- really, he looks like your old gym instructor you wish you made moves on but then he left town. Make your move now!

Jacob (January 2018)

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Jake is a man whose beard precedes him. Like, literally. If he was coming around a corner, you would see his beard before you would see his face. But once you do, you’ll be greeted by quite the accommodating gentleman. He’ll tell you he’s from Boston, but then he’ll immediately tell you that he’s not from Boston or even Massachusetts, but some town you’ve never heard of in New Hampshire. Fluent in Spanglish, he studied proper Spanish in university and has a knack for historical fun facts. He craves fresh seafood in his new mountain home, and has been coping by eating staggering quantities of Cebollitas. If you want to be Jake’s friend, tell him you know the town he’s from, pet his beard, and hand him a bag of Cebollitas. He’ll love you forever.

Leo (January 2018)
Er ist so schön, er ist so toll, er ist Dieciocho aus Bavaria! Dieciocho (née Leo), the Wunderkind of Nürnberg, knows what spätzle is. He wakes up at the crack of dawn on Sundays ready to climb the highest peaks of Central America in his Lederhosen, swigging beer brewed without sugar out of a Stein and remarking on the beauty of Schmetterlinge. With the body of Adonis and blond curls to rival the golden fleece, this strapping young German man is a veritable Greek god, or at the very least an Übermensch. If there’s a physical challenge to take on, he’s there with a big ol’ goofy smile on his face. Dieciocho enjoys asking people questions about the quality of their sneezes, beating his coworkers up tall things–and ladies, he’s single.